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Nola Smith

Children & YA Author

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 Championing the Underdog

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Why do I Write?

The answer to this question is very simple - because I love it. Writing brings me joy especially the creative stage of conjuring up stories and bringing to life characters whose lives are far from perfect. I should feel guilty disempowering them so much that they’d give anything to achieve their hopes and dreams. And I mean - anything!

But ... I don't.

Writing truthful, engaging & authentic stories readers can escape into is my goal as an author.

When you read my novels I hope you end up caring about my characters and what happens to them. That's because, to me, novels are a means of transporting you to others' shoes - to let you gain experiences you may never have or if you do, hopefully, my stories will help you see a way forward.

If my novels give hope and courage to anyone doing it tough because of the difficult circumstances they find themselves in, I'll be one satisfied author.

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Debut YA Novel

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Leroy has arrived

Released November 2021 by

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Writing Hints


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Let's Get Kids Thinking & Talking


Enough Is Enough

Teachers' Notes

Presentations & Workshops

It's a beautiful day to start

Being a retired teacher, I enjoy nothing more than talking about and helping students improve their reading and writing skills.  Check out students' testimonials who've completed a writing workshop.

I am available to be booked for informal author talks or structured writing workshops with students aged 8 - 14.

Please query me so I can discuss the needs of your students and tailor my presentation for them.

In general, I charge Australian Society of Authors standard presentation and speaking rates.

For more information or specific booking enquiries please contact me directly.

Although I’m located in Western Australia, I’m happy to travel interstate where funding arrangements can be made and if requests are made with sufficient lead time.

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